the ludic dream – an overnight workshop

I am excited to announce that my next workshop will be overnight. Since the subject matter is lucid dreaming, it only makes sense that we should be able to sleep during the workshop. Once the idea came to me, I knew this was the natural progression of how the class should be taught. It is great to know that this is finally coming to fruition. The workshop is made for all skill levels. Everyone from the seasoned dream yogi to the person who can’t remember their dreams is welcome. Together we will learn how to use our dreams as tools for personal development. In the morning we will share our experiences with one another as a group. There will also be an organic vegetarian breakfast served that is included in the price of admission. I believe that our dreams and visions are gifts and if we only keep them to ourselves then it is like we are stealing. Together we can share and develop our own lucid dreaming practice.
This poster was an exceptional challenge. My computer is getting repaired and I have been using one that doesn’t have Photoshop. As a result I used some colored paper that I’ve had laying around for a while to create the poster. It was fun to work with my hands a little. Cutting everything out was quite laborious but I’m happy with how it looks. There’s a certain tactile quality that you can try to imitate with computers but it’s just out of reach. The way the shadows fall off the edges of the paper is something that I could never do with an effect. My roommate let me use his computer to add in the type. This has made me very thankful for functioning computers. I will be happy to have mine back soon but I am also thankful for this exercise in patience and using scissors.