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Golden Drum Bumper

I am really happy to be sharing this piece. The vision for…

Shamanic Dream Collective

  Hi Everyone. I'm catching up on a lot of things…

the ludic dream - an overnight workshop

I am excited to announce that my next workshop will be overnight. Since the subject matter is lucid dreaming, it only makes sense that we should be able to sleep during the workshop. Once I came up with the idea I knew this was the natural progression of how the class would be taught.
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brought to you by the tibetan letter A

Thank you again to everyone who came to the workshop the other night. I was in a yoga class the last week and in tree pose and a thought popped into my head. Usually ideas come in and out and just like a dream they disappear before I have a chance to write them down. That's my signal that it probably wasn't a good idea to begin with.

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