I was a part of the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.  It felt like the right place to be and the overall message seemed one worth supporting and spreading.  The atmosphere of the protest was at times inspiring and at other times volatile.  I was not really into the idea of being a part of something that could become violent knowing that a police raid was quite possible at times.  What interested me was helping the movement to root itself in a place of peace.  My friends and I would go to Zuccotti Park to meditate and share music to help participants connect to something other than anger and frustration.  I decided to make an image that embodied this sentiment.  The image of lady liberty meditating with her peace symbol raised high came to my mind and I ran with it.  Within 24 hours of creating the image I had gone to Bushwick Print Lab, made all the shirts, and started selling them at cost to people at OWS.  It was fun to do something that was part of a movement much larger than myself and to jump into it fully without hesitation.  I went on to organize a meditation at Zuccotti Park with a small group of people.  Before we could have the meditation the police has already moved in and removed everyone who had been camping and protesting there for weeks.  We still came together and shared in a short meditation to gather in peace and to remember what had been accomplished and the work to be done.