Liberty by Peace

Liberty By Peace
The Occupy Wall St movement is gaining momentum day by day and its hard to say where it will go. However, with groups sprouting across the U.S. and countries around the world, it certainly seems like an end is not in the near future. The other night I hosted a meeting at Golden Drum for people involved in Occupy Wall Street that are dedicated to creating change by peaceful means. At the meeting we discussed how a small group of people can help influence the vibration of an entire movement. Some of the suggestions involved creating an altar at the plaza so that a sacred presence could be felt. Leaders from Meditation Flash Mob were also present talking about their project and why its so important to demonstrate that stillness to protesters. Another thing we talked about was having a simple image that could resonate with a large amount of people that could capture the feeling that we are trying to cultivate in others. At first it was going to be a Buddha sitting but I didn’t want to invoke religion, especially a specific religion. Instead I decided to use the assistance of the big green lady to help get the message across. I couldn’t help but think about Ghostbusters 2 as I was creating it. Once again we call upon her to change form so that she may take on the powers that wish to take advantage of others for their own personal gain. May we shift the tides simply by means of holding the space of peace and compassion. We’ll be making this a tshirt soon! A link will be up in the next couple days. Peace!