Liberty By Peace

The new batch of shirts are ready! Good news is that I’ll have a site up for the shirts up this weekend. Until then you can contact me at
. I am also printing all of the shirts on American Apparel. Made in the USA. So that’s good. All of the proceeds go to Golden Drum a community center that helped create in Brooklyn.
I was at Occupy Wall Street the other day with some friends. They were helping facilitate a Meditation Flash Mob. It is an event where people come together at a specific time and place to sit and meditate in public. It was the first time that I had attended one. It became obvious to me why what we were doing was so important. People need to see peace. It is not so often that people can be seen in a state of peace. Sometimes, just seeing people meditating is enough for others to be more calm. It is from that place of stillness that we can connect to the heart. We will not win over anyone through anger and aggression. If we are to proceed, we must come from a place of love and compassion. This is not a call to passivity. This is an invitation to connect to the space from within. If we are firmly rooted in peace and truth we will create the change that we wish to see in the world by first emodying that change. This shirt is a symbol of that spirit that I invite more people to represent in this great time of change.
Below are some photos of a test print that I made in the print lab the other day and the other is of my screen that I’ve been using. Enjoy!