KA Vinyl Print


I’m really happy to report that my friends Brooke Gillespie and Santiparro have self released their album Good Morning Everyone on vinyl and cd. We worked together to create the album art. I took the photo but the title was a collaboration. There’s actually a stop motion animation that goes along with the KA that is written out in flower pedals. I’m going to clean it up and share it soon. One night Brooke, Alan and I stayed up all night to push the pedals across the floor bit by bit. It was a great experiment that made me really feel like I was back at school running on fumes of creativity. I usually don’t like posting photos of myself like this but it in this case. Its nice to stand next to something you worked on every now and then and simply say, “I’m happy to have worked on that.”

If you want to check out KA’s album feel free to visit their bandcamp page.