Heart of Chartes

Its been a while since I’ve painted anything. I’ve gotten so use to the computer and oils have been so toxic that I haven’t even considered picking up a brush for a while. However, I thought that it was time for a change of pace with this last project. The heart has been a focus of mine for a while now in my own personal studies. Recently, I purchased an anatomical model to have on my desk to remind me of the importance of it. With mother’s day coming up as well as the birthday of a good friend I wanted to create something from the heart as well so I decided I would paint again and see what would happen. It was a frustrating experience at first when I began with watercolors and gauche. Eventually I move to acrylic and found it to be a lot more forgiving. The background is based off of the central stained glass window pattern found in Chartes Cathedral. There is so much to learn from sacred geometry as they are the forms that are the building blocks of reality. Here is a documentary about how this geometry that influenced the design of the cathedral that is truly on of the wonders of the world.