growing of the heart

I started drawing this a couple days ago. I’ve had an anatomical model of the human heart sitting on my desk for years now. I had imagined that it would be a source of inspiration for me as I sat at my drawing table contemplating love and the source of all inner wisdom. What actually happened was that it has sat on the corner of my desk collecting dust and at times obscured by piles of papers. To be fair I have made a couple doodles from it but it hasn’t been the tool of inspiration that I thought it would be. Earlier this week I clean off my desk. I organized all the papers that we cluttering my room and things can once more breathe. I opened up my sketch book and couldn’t think of anything better than to take a moment to draw my heart. I was quite unhappy with the drawing and left it after working on it for a couple hours and went to bed. Yesterday I woke up and just started working on it while listening to Osho. It put me at ease in a way that I did not experience the day before. As my appreciation for his teachings grew so did my drawing. I must have gone on for at least 8 hours. Its a modest work day. I think I need to really approach my art this way. Not in the sense that I should treat it as work but to give it the same time and effort as the jobs that I have had in the past. In order for my art to grow I must give it my love. I share these things not because I want praise or credit. I put them out so they can be shared and seen. I believe that our gifts must be shared. If they are not shared we are stealing what has been give to us. Let us give what we can with an open heart. If you can’t have an open heart it is better not to share. If you are always looking receive something in return you will be disappointed the moment you receive nothing. Make it for yourself and be happy with what you make, put it out into the world and let it live there. It can take care of itself! Do not worry about it. Your job is done. Then it can truly be enjoyed. May all our hearts continue to grow in love.