Golden Drum Bumper

I am really happy to be sharing this piece. The vision for this animation came to me on the mountain during a vision quest in 2012. It took an entire year to manifest it but sometimes things just take that long. Its so rewarding to create something for Golden Drum and at the same time really challenge myself creatively to try something new. I created each animal by cutting and pasting paper together, taking a photograph of it, and then animating the images in After Effects. I created a physical stage for the medicine wheel but it wasn’t as clean as I needed it to be in order to have everything done in stop motion. I guess that’s what happens when you use pizza box cardboard as your base. I like the combination of mediums because it allows for something new to happen that I couldn’t have predicted. Its fun as a viewer to see something where you have to really stop and think about how it was made. When I see that happen I feel like I’m doing something right as an animator because I’ve challenged myself and the audience. The sound design was done by my lovely girlfriend, Brooke Hamre Gillespie and the very talented Ben Bromley. We also used music from a DEEP SPACE created by KA. There might be a little more sound work added onto this in the future, but for now I’m happy to share what is there. Now for rest.