Dreamtime 2014 Poster


What a fun project! Thank you to Srikala and Jesse for allowing me to pretty much do whatever I wanted with this one. I knew that it had to be something for the new year but we left it pretty open ended. I came up with the sketch below and then got a message from Sri that said “something motherly.” I guess I got the message ;-) I searched around a little bit for the right model. My roommate Indy volunteered and was a great help in capturing the spirit of this image. Below is a shot from the photo shoot that we wound up using. Having a light up globe really came in handy for this one! We also used the Flashlight app on an iPhone to create a little overhead lighting because the under lighting really wasn’t that flattering. Less than 24 hours later the majority of the image was done and sent out over the inter webs. I just love when things come together!