Dream Yoga Poster

Yes. More advertising. Hopefully it’s pleasing to the eye as well. It was a fun project for me. My friend, Liz, was kind enough to pose for the piece. It was my first photo shoot with a model. I enjoyed interacting with her in order to find the right pose. At first I had her in an awkward pose that neither of us were crazy about. She tried some other poses but they didn’t seem to be right. Eventually I asked her to just lay on her back and then put the sheet over her as you might when you first go to sleep. Then she turned and tossed and then the sheet and her body moved accordingly. I think I ended up with a much more natural product. It’s good to imagine what something might be like but when you have an organic process at your disposal you might as well use it.
I’m also attaching the design without the text bellow. Have a good one!