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Golden Drum Healing Night Ad

  This was a fun project and a quick one too. I’ve really been enjoying taking topics like healing and figuring out ways to bring them to the masses in a way that still brings along the people who are already doing the work. There is still so much design out there in the spiritual […]

Photoshop Beginner Workshop Series Flyer

  This was a really tall order. Make a flyer for a class using the program that you’re going to be teaching about. Like making a poster for a poster making class. It better be good! No pressure of course. I like to think that I rose to the challenge and had some fun while […]

Pop and Sloane

  I went to go see my grandfather for his 80th birthday party this weekend. He became a great grandfather this year. This is him holding my niece Sloane. She’s been a great source of joy for the whole family. It was nice to have the chance to paint this and hand it to him […]

Heart & Mind 2012 Festival: Logo and Bumper

Heart & Mind 2012 Festival Bumper from Matthew Canale on Vimeo. I’ve had a fun time creating this animation for Golden Drum’s sister organization in Poland. I started with a basic design that was given to me, which I then spiced up a bit. The animation was originally going to include hearts flying in as […]

Golden Drum: A Happening 8.10.12

It was fun to take a step into a different era with this poster. I’ve really been feeling the summer and the poster design of the 60’s. I wanted to get a little groovy and mix up the poster template that I’ve been working with for Golden Drum events. I was really able to jump […]

New Sun Cleaning Logo

Here’s the new logo for the freshest eco cleaning business in Brooklyn – New Sun Cleaning! If you or some one you know needs some help cleaning or organizing their apartment, or life for that matter, email Brooke at newsuncleaning@gmail.com. I’ve also attached all the other versions that we went through to get there. I […]

wake up

  It has been a little while since I’ve been here. Good to be back. I was deep into an animation that took a couple months to get finished. Good news is that I’m happy with it. The not as good news is that there are still some changes to be made to it so […]

Light Writing

  There’s definitely something about writing things in light that is super fun. If you have the technology I highly suggest going out and doing this. There are few artist out there saying anyone can go out and do what they do. In this case I am totally saying that anyone can go out and […]

Animal Napkin

  I came across this the other day on my table and thought I’d send it along. This design has been coming through a lot for me recently. It was nice to be in doodle mode while I was making this. There’s really something to be said for drawing on a surface that will most […]