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Dreamtime 2014 Poster

What a fun project! Thank you to Srikala and Jesse for allowing me to pretty much do whatever I wanted with this one. I knew that it had to be something for the new year but we left it pretty open ended. I came up with the sketch below and then got a message from […]

Golden Drum Bumper

I am really happy to be sharing this piece. The vision for this animation came to me on the mountain during a vision quest in 2012. It took an entire year to manifest it but sometimes things just take that long. Its so rewarding to create something for Golden Drum and at the same time […]


This one is coming at you from a lost sketchbook of mine. I scanned this one and lost it a couple days after. I think its sitting somewhere in the Newark Airport lost and found. I already filed a missing item report but I didn’t hear anything back so I’m thinking about calling off the […]

Spiritual Cinema

Its fresh. Its to the point. You laugh. You get it. I like when things can be short and sweet and hit you instantly. I was fishing around for something for a while that could instantly connect you to movies and spirituality. I was also contemplating a light beam from a projector coming out from […]

Heart & Mind 2013 Festival Poland

Its been great to create a whole new look for Heart & Mind. NYC will have their own festival in early October. There will probably be some more revisions to this but I just love the way its developing and wanted to share this incarnation. Enjoy.

March Happening Poster

I had a great time going deep with this incarnation of the Happening Posters for Golden Drum. We’ve been taking a little break since Heart & Mind and I’m happy that we’re gearing up to have some more amazing events in the coming months along with more awesome poster art. I have been an admirer […]

KA Vinyl Print

I’m really happy to report that my friends Brooke Gillespie and Santiparro have self released their album Good Morning Everyone on vinyl and cd. We worked together to create the album art. I took the photo but the title was a collaboration. There’s actually a stop motion animation that goes along with the KA that […]

How to Wear It: The Coach Trench

Here’s an animation that I had fun creating with the crew over at Mixtape Club. I really enjoyed working with other people and seeing the project as it came to life. To check out some of the other animations that I helped create, click here.

Loops and Echos

I created this during my recent trip to Guatemala and the heartland of upstate New York. Its been a pleasure to get lost in this landscape for a little while. There was no planning for it or vision which is a bit unusual for me but that’s always good thing. I’m still in the process […]