Our mission is to visually articulate and support your ideas and expand your creative vision to others. Collaboration is at the heart of great execution and we would love the opportunity to help you share what you do with others. Here is just a sampling of our services . . .

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A conscious business cares about the world they live in and the world that they leave to the generations that will come after them. They see that their lives are intertwined with everyone around them. They think as a member of a global community. They see problems in the world and feel that they have solutions to share. They are not solving these problems because they see a business opportunity, they are doing it because they want to create a better world. If this sounds like you then we want to work with you! Our experience spans from yoga studios, to healers, to musicians, and many more who are dedicated to bringing more peace and balance to our world. How are you using your gifts to help others? We want to know and we want to collaborate with you.


Any design studio can make things look good but not all of them care about or understand conscious business. What makes us different is that we understand conscious business. We’ve helped create and live in Golden Drum, a conscious community center in Brooklyn, and cofounded Jungle Cafe, a community owned and run Vegetarian Restaurant. It only makes sense that we use our design to help others with similar missions. We don’t only know about design, we speak the language of conscious business so trust us to translate your image into visual form.


We can stay satisfied with the way things have always been done or we can challenge ourselves to find new solutions. This is the job of the visionary artist. We can pave new roads for others to see what else is possible. We are storytellers who help us to remember where we are coming from, who we are, and where we are going. We help to inspire others to awaken to their true mission in life. Art has an unbelievable and often under valued power to move the human spirit so when it is used for advertising, we believe it is important that its being used to help businesses who will truly help others.


It’s pretty, but will it help my business? Have a look at what these happy clients had to say about working with us!

Aiste Gazdar

Wild Food Cafe is a independent plant-based and raw-centric restaurant in London, Covent Garden. Our mission is to create an oasis of delicious food and great atmosphere in the middle of London and beyond. A big focus of ours is interacting and engaging with our guests online and offline.
At the initial stage of our business we only had a simple Tumblr website which obviously needed upgrading as we grew. Our branding – including logo, menu, business cards, labels for our products, etc – also needed tweaking and refreshing to represent our vision better and enable us to stand out. We decided to work with Matt because of his sense of aesthetics – which was simple yet beautiful and sophisticated, creative ability, amazing technical skill, and his intuitive understanding what our project was really about. Great! Matt is always on it and very helpful and communication speedy and flexible, considering we are based on the other side of Atlantic. The project that is most central to WFC is definitely the website that Matt created. It’s the front window of our business used by 20 thousand people a month. We doubled our turnover a year after the launch of our website and our mailing list grew to approximately from 100 to 200 subscribers a month.

Aiste GazdarWild Food CafeWild Food Cafe

Matt created a fun and meaningful portrait of us for our anniversary. I appreciate his ability to retain our likeness without having met us in person; he took my limited direction and made a great piece. It was also on budget, on time, printed and delivered!

Kirtan Soul Revival

We were getting ready to launch our first album and needed an album cover that captured the energy of our band- fun, funky, soulful and sweet, blending eastern and western sounds.  Matt brought all of the elements together perfectly.  He was extremely easy to communicate with and was always prompt.  It was challenging to coordinate 3 different band members design ideas and he was able to work with such patience and grace. We felt so supported. After the success of our album we worked with him to make the album design into a t-shirt design.  It’s gorgeous!  We’ve had to do 2 reorders of our shirts because they’re so popular and we get comments weekly from people letting us know how much they love their KSR shirt. We can’t recommend Matt highly enough!

Kirtan Soul RevivalMusic BandKSR Official Website